Hello and welcome to my digital garden! 👩‍🌾

My name is Jen Kennedy and I'm a frontend developer. I currently live in Seattle, WA 🌲! I love frontend development and enjoy working on products and making designs and features come to life. Some of my favorite technologies are React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and Redux. I also enjoy leveling up my skills in CSS and testing. When I'm not programming I enjoy playing with my dog, reading manga, teaching myself Japanese, and playing videogames. And to learn more about me, feel free to read my article about my journey into tech.

This digital garden is a place where I can take notes, share what I'm learning, and document my programming progress. The articles here are either finished (🌻), or in progress (👩‍🌾) and are being pruned and updated as I learn more! To read more about digital gardens check out my article!